Personal data protection

Personal data protection

We provide comprehensive legal services in the area related to the protection of personal
data (including GDPR). We deal with conducting audits of personal data protection
procedures in enterprises and the development and implementation of documentation
related to the processing of personal data, in particular such as security policy, IT system
management instructions, internal procedures and policies, registers of processing activities
or entrustment agreements, registers of persons authorized to process personal data, etc.
We run internal trainings for employees in the field of personal data protection. We support

enterprises on an ongoing basis in case of data protection breaches.

We advise on the protection of personal data in employee relations, we comprehensively
analyse the issues of processing personal data both inside the organization as a data
processor as well as outside the organization. If necessary, we provide representation in
proceedings before competent authorities regarding the protection of personal data, we
support in control proceedings and in post-control activities.